V. E. Larichev’s Rivers of time

Sergey V. Alkin
1. Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography SB RAS
The material was received by the Editorial Board:
The continuous creative search was the main concept of Vitaly Epifanovich Larichev’s long life. Forty years without a single missed season in the field, the foothills of the Kuznetsk Alatau became his work place. In the valley of Belyi Iyus River, the potential of the researcher, cultivated by researchers in oriental studies on the banks of Neva river, could be fully developed. He received the first experience of archaeological work on Angara River. He covered hundreds of kilometers of reconnaissance routes along Shilka, Zeya and Amur rivers. It is no coincidence that the image of the River, the River of Time, permeates all the works of V. E. Larichev.

References: Sergey V. Alkin V. E. Larichev’s Rivers of time. Universum Humanitarium, 2017,. 2. С. 16–22.