Universum Humanitarium


The Novosibirsk State University, Department of Humanities presents an international peer review journal. Each issue is multilingual. Articles are substantive discussions of archaeological, historical, anthropological, and philological topics with well-published black-and-white and color illustrations.

This periodical aims to the development of scientific methodology of the humanities; the introduction of the topical issues of modern humanities to the wide academic and public discourse; the dissemination of information concerning new scientific developments of the world humanities; the popularization of scientific knowledge. This is an interdisciplinary scientific edition of scientific-theoretical and practical orientation. It is the goal of this publication to provide authors with an international forum for the presentation of their materials and ideas.

The main issues are:

  • Methods and methodology of the Humanities
  • Topic
  • New sources
  • Scientific dialogue
  • Lectorium (lectures given at the Department of Humanities, NSU)
  • Chronicle of the Humanities (conferences, expeditions, publications)
  • Picture story
Categories can be changed considering the special occasion, editorial board preferences or authors and readers wishes.
The basic principles of selection and presentation of information are the topic and data relevance, issue scientific character, analytical approach, integration of information, theoretical or applied nature of research, authority and accuracy of the information, integrity of presentation, copyright compliance, and compliance with the requirements of international abstract and citation databases (Web of Science, SCOPUS, and others).

The journal is in the public domain. Published materials may be freely copied and distributed, provided that the source is referenced.