Siberian Journal of Philosophy

ISSN: 2541-7517 (Print)
Editor: Professor Vladimir Diev, Novosibirsk State University

The Siberian Journal of Philosophy is one of the leading philosophical journals in Russia established by the regional branch of the Russian Philosophical Society. The Journal is focused on a broad variety of topics including the traditional fields like metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, philosophy of science, social and political philosophy, history of philosophy as well as on the much narrow disciplines and research areas like symbolic logic, philosophy of language, scientific realism, decision making, contemporary European philosophy, microsociology, theoretical history, philosophy of education and sociology of science. The Journal is published by the Institute of the Philosophy and Law of Novosibirsk State University prizing the analytic tradition in philosophy, advocating intellectual freedom, rigor and demand for the validity of judgment, the desire for clarity, sharpness of thought and rational argumentation.


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