World of Economics and Management

World of Economics and Management is published by Novosibirsk State University, following the decision of the Academic Council of NSU and Mass Media Registration Certificate of Roskomnadzor PI № FS 77 - 64822 dated 

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From 2021, all the necessary information about the journal, as well as information on the submission of articles, their reviewing and publication, can be found on the website Manuscripts and materials attached to them should be sent through the service of interaction with the authors of the journal's website or via e-mail

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Until 2016 the Journal was issued under the title Vestnik NSU. Series: Social and Economic Sciences, Mass Media Registration Certificate of State Committee on Press of the Russian Federation PI № FS77-40147 dated 04/06/2010

Publisher – Novosibirsk State University
Since 2000
Source language - Russian, English
Frequency - 4 issues per year 
Subscribe Index Catalogue of "Rospechat" - 18288, Pressa Rossii 11233
ISSN 2542-0429 (until 2016 - 1818-7862)

ISSN - online 2658-5375

Main title - World of Economics and Management 
Alternative title - Mir economiki i upravleniya, Mir Èkonomiki i Upravleniâ 
Previous title - Vestnik NSU. Series: Social and Economics Sciences | Vestnik of Novosibirsk State University. Series: Social and Economics Sciences | Vestnik Novosibirskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta. Seriya: Sotcialno-economicheskie nauki 

Editorial Policy is formed by Editorial Board (advisory board) which is made up of a team of prominent scientists in the main fields of modern economic theory whose judgement is highly regarded within the Journal's main disciplines. Editorial Board members work in the Russian Academy of Sciences and higher educational institutions in Russia and abroad.
Mission Statement The Journal aspires to increase the opportunity for researchers and practitioners to explore the advanced and latest research developments in various fields of economics. 

Aims and Scope:

  • to highlight actual and the most challenging and interesting aspects of scientific researches in economics and sociology;
  • to provide a platform (a shared body of knowledge) for dissemination of high impact research findings and build an international community of diffusion scholars who could exchange their scientific findings with one another;
  • to enhance research capacity of scholars and university faculty by encouraging them to publish articles, exchange opinions, which will improve and upgrade science education for students and post-graduates;

The Journal highlights a wide range of topics related to the most urgent fundamental and practical issues of modern economic science. 
The World of Economics and Management is a peer reviewed academic journal that accepts only original, previously unpublished reviews and research not intended for simultaneous publication elsewhere (including other editions, bibliographic reviews, peer-reviews, archival materials, conference proceedings, etc.).
Journal is intended for scientists, faculty members of universities, graduate students and those who are interested in the newest findings of basic/fundamental and applied research in various specialized disciplines within the field of economics and sociology.

Main Topics   Scientific disciplines
  • Macroeconomic Analysis: Methods and Results
  • Microeconomic Analysis: Methods and Results
  • Statistical measurements and econometric analysis
  • Institutional Analisys
  • Mathematical methods of the analysis in economics
  • History and new directions of economic researches
  • Regional and International Economics
  • Management
  • Methodology and Methods of Sociological Research 
  • Economic theory - 08.00.01 
  • Economy and management of a national economy – 08.00.05; 
  • Finance, monetary circulation and the credit – 08.00.10; 
  • Mathematical and tool methods of economy – 08.00.13; 
  • Economic sociology and a demography – 22.00.03 ; 
  • Social structure, social institutes and processes – 22.00.04; 


Issue / No.  Date to submission of manuscripts   Date to print *  
December 15 March 25
2 March 1 June 25
3    June 1 September 25
4    September 1 December 25

Final date of submission of manuscripts approximate, reception can be complete much earlier if the volume of release is filled. Changes of terms of an exit of the issues of the journal for technical reasons are possible.

Journal indexing and inclusion in databases

  • The Journal (under the new and the previous names) is included in the list of leading peer-reviewed journals recommended by Higher Certifying Commission of the Russian Federation for publication of the main scientific results of candidates’ (PhD) and higher doctoral dissertations/theses (since 01/12/2015).
  • The Journal is included into the Abstract Journal and the database of the Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information VINITI of the Russian Academy of Science (Referativny Zhurnal).
  • The journal is indexed in the Russian Science Citation Index database (РИНЦ).

According to RSCI impact-factor reports, The World of Economy and Management ranks among the leading Russian scientific periodicals: the Journal 2 Yr. impact-factor in 2018 was 0,703. 
Russian Science Citation Index of the Journal is as follows:
• Sociology - the 9th place,
• Economy. Economic sciences - the 56th place,
• Organization and Management - the 10th place.

The Journal adheres to Open Access policy and provides permanent and free online access to all materials immediately after publication. Full-text online access to scholarly publications of the Journal is provided on its official website and on other aggregator sites:
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