Issue #1

Methods and Methodology of the Humanities

On Creating an Empirical Database of Pragmatic Phenomena
References: Maria К. Timofeeva Universum Humanitarium (En) , #1. С. 6–21.
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Telengit Consonants Based on MRI Data (in Comparison with the Sub-Dialects of the Altai-Kizhi Dialect)
References: Iraida Ya. Selyutina, Albina A. Dobrinina Universum Humanitarium (En) , #1. С. 22–40.
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Spectra of the First-Syllable Vowels in the Surgut Dialect of the Khanty Language
References: Timofey V. Timkin Universum Humanitarium (En) , #1. С. 41–55.
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Zaktui Site: The Problem of Cultural Complexes Verification on the Basis of Spatial Analysis
References: Lyudmila V. Lbova, Pavel E. Marnuev, Dariya V. Marchenko, Aleksander I. Simukhin, Ekaterina N. Bocharova, Aleksey M. Klementyev, Dariya V. Kozhevnikova, Dashinima V. Namsaraev Universum Humanitarium (En) , #1. С. 56–67.
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History of Development of Ak-Khol Lake Depression (South-Western Tuva) in Late Pleistocene and Holocene According to Geological, Geomorphological and Archeaological Data
References: Anna R. Agatova, Roman K. Nepop, Anastasiya B. Glebova Universum Humanitarium (En) , #1. С. 68–82.
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Picture Story

“Totalny Dictant” Foundation
References: Olga A. Rebkovets Universum Humanitarium (En) , #1. С. 168–185.
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Scientific Dialogue

The Levallois as a Marker
References: Pavel V. Volkov Universum Humanitarium (En) , #1. С. 140–150.
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Sources Publication and Translations

The Ancient Egyptian Nouveau Riche Heqaib: The Inscription on British Museum Stela 1671
References: Arkadiy E. Demidchik Universum Humanitarium (En) , #1. С. 152–165.
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Topic: 3D Technologies in Humanities Research (Materials of International Seminar)

Multi-View 3D Reconstruction for the Research of Buddhist Archaeology
References: Jianguo Liu, Dexin Cong Universum Humanitarium (En) , #1. С. 84–96.
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The Application of Multi-View Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Technology in Paleolithic Archaeology
References: Zhenyu Zhou Universum Humanitarium (En) , #1. С. 105–121.
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The Applications of Information Technology for Regional Archaeological Survey
References: Xiaobing Jia Universum Humanitarium (En) , #1. С. 122–137.
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Research on Photography Method of Multi-View 3D Reconstruction for Movable Cultural Relics
References: Lei Zhang Universum Humanitarium (En) , #1. С. 97–104.
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