Motif of "Eternal Hunt" on Oy-Muran Carving (Middle Lena)

Aleksandr D. Stepanov
1. North-Eastern Federal University
2. Museum of Archeology and Ethnography
Nikolay N. Kochmar
The material was received by the Editorial Board: 03.11.2017
Oy-Muran carving has been known since its discovery by A. P. Okladnikov during his works on Middle Lena river in 1944. The monument dates back to late Neolithic – Bronze Age. Modern studies have shown the presence of traces of correction, healing of ancient drawings at a later time. It seems that some carvings can really be related to the primitive mythology, with cosmogonic ideas of the ancient man, and the Oy-Muran carving reflects one of mythological subjects – the "eternal hunt" associated with the pursuit of an elk by three hunters.

Keywords: carving, rock paintings, Middle Lena, Oy-Muran, mythology, cosmic hunt, "eternal pursuit".

References: Aleksandr D. Stepanov, Nikolay N. Kochmar Motif of "Eternal Hunt" on Oy-Muran Carving (Middle Lena) . Universum Humanitarium, 2017,. 2. С. 93–100.