70th Anniversary of Konstantinov Michael Vasil'evich: Historian, Archaeologist, Encyclopedist

The material was received by the Editorial Board: 15.10.2018
The article is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the historian and archeologist, professor of Trans-Baikal State University, Michael Vasil’evich Konstantinov. The scientific and social activity inherent to him made it possible to achieve significant results and make a strong contribution to the development of archaeology and history of Trans-Baikal region and Siberia. Perennial field researches of professor Michael Konstantinov had a deep impact primarily to Stone Age archaeology and study of habitation structures at Paleolithic settlements in Trans-Baikal region. His outstanding social activity has played an important role in the study of inter-ethnic relations and preservation of cultural heritage of Trans-Baikal indigenous peoples. Michael Konstantinov also known as the founder of the unique scientific and educational project "Encyclopedia of Transbaikalia". The results of professor Konstantinov research are presented in more than 500 publications in Russia and foreign languages. Thanks to significant efforts of Michael Konstantinov an archaeological scientific school was created at Trans-Baikal State University, within its walls are the highly professional researchers and professors in the field of history and archaeology are being prepared.
Keywords: archeology, Stone Age, Palaeolithic, habitation structures, Trans-Baikal, scientific activity, anniversary.

The article in Russian.
References: Kolosov V. K., Kuznetsov O. V., Vasiliev S. G., Ekimova L. V. 70th Anniversary of Konstantinov Michael Vasil'evich: Historian, Archaeologist, Encyclopedist. Universum Humanitarium 2018. # 2. С. 120–127.