V. I. Molodin – Rock Art Researcher

The material was received by the Editorial Board: 07.11.2018
Academician Vyatcheslav Ivanovich Molodin is one of the students of academician A. P. Okladnikov. Thanks to that, he inherited the great interest to the prehistoric art. His researches are focused on different points of the rock art in Northern Asia, from the Paleolithic to Bronze Age. Academician V. I. Molodin continues the traditions of school of thoughts of A. P. Okladnikov and now he had educated a group of his own students, which are mature researchers today. This paper is dedicated to one of the sides of the scientific activity of Professor V. I. Molodin.

The article in Russian.
References: Zotkina L.V. V. I. Molodin – Rock Art Researcher. Universum Humanitarium 2018. # 2. С. 130–143.