Pigment-Containing Materials in the Malaya Syya Collection (Early Upper Paleolithic)

The material was received by the Editorial Board: 15.10.2018
The article presents the results of elemental analysis of pigment-containing materials from the Malaya Syya site obtained during excavations in 1975-80s by expeditions of the IHPP SB RAS under the guidance of V. E. Larichev. The collection includes magnetite, hematite, goethite, malachite-containing samples. The identification of minerals as natural pigment carriers plays an important role in the study of population adaptation strategies and the use of resources in a specific area. Mineralogical research identifies the range of possible deposits and sources of raw materials. The method of scanning electron microscopy with energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (SEM-EDX) was applied. Results show that in the Early Upper Paleolithic man used a natural pigment-containing raw material, without changing it, as well as processed it, making composite artificial paints.
Keywords: pigment-containing materials, natural sciences methods, spectral analysis, elemental composition, Early Upper Paleolithic, Malaya Syya, Southern Siberia.

The article in Russian.
References: Lbova L. V., Gubar Yu. S., Kulik N. A. Pigment-Containing Materials in the Malaya Syya Collection (Early Upper Paleolithic). Universum Humanitarium 2018. # 2. С. 42–65.