Criteria of selection of investment projects for the provision of state support measures

Nechaeva Nataliya A.
1. Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation
The material was received by the Editorial Board: 24/11/2018
The volume of direct investments in the economies of individual regions and the country as a whole is a key indicator of development determining the current and future potential of territorial units and federal entities. Virtually all countries of the world are open to investment and the governments create favorable conditions for their involvement, including via the mechanism of legislative initiatives and practices, and Russia is no exception in this respect. The article presents a comparative analysis of methodological approaches and selection criteria for investment projects for the provision of state support measures within the framework of generally accepted world methods and regulatory acts of 
the federal and regional authorities of the Russian Federation. The developed classifications of methodological approaches and criteria indicate the imperfection of methodological standards currently used in the field of investment and project analysis for the selection of investment projects for the private sector of the economy for the provision of state support measures, and the need for methodological novation. 

state support, investment project, selection criteria, classification, norm, methodological approach, comparative analysis, subjective factor, final indicator 

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