Issue #2

In Memorium

Maxim Grigorievich Levin (1904-1963), Anthropologist and Ethnographer, Investigator of the Peoples of Siberia and the Far East
Margarita M. Gerasimova, Sergey V. Vasiliev
Universum Humanitarium (En). 2, #2. С. 116–128.
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Methods and Methodology of the Humanities

The History of Distinguishing Acheulian Industries in Uzbekistan
Kseniya A. Kolobova, Andrey I. Krivoshapkin
Universum Humanitarium (En). 2, #2. С. 6–22.
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Modern Methods of Archaeological Site Research in France: Seminars and Fieldwork Experience in the Province of Dordogne (South West of France)
Galina D. Pavlenok, Alena V. Shalagina, Svetlana V. Schneider, Vasiliy S. Kovalev, Vladislav V. Kazakov, Malvina Baumann
Universum Humanitarium (En). 2, #2. С. 23–33.
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New Sources

Trends in Federal Online Media Covering Archaeologogical Events of the Palaeometal Era in Russia and Worldwide
Marina S. Bykova, Andrey P. Borodovsky
Universum Humanitarium (En). 2, #2. С. 36–54.
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Picture Story

School-Seminar “Inititation à la 3D archéologique. Introduction to 3D in Archaeology”
Ekaterina N. Bocharova
Universum Humanitarium (En). 2, #2. С. 102–114.
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Poetry as Self-Evidence
Elena N. Proskurina
Universum Humanitarium (En). 2, #2. С. 130–133.
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Scientific Dialogue

Chinese Archaeology as a Discourse Practice
Guo Lixin
Universum Humanitarium (En). 2, #2. С. 84–100.
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Scientific Life

The VII Allrussia Conference "Topical Issues of Classical Philology and Comparative Historical Linguistics" and an International Research Seminar "Theoretical and Applied Lingusitics: Modern Studies" Held in National Research Tomsk State University
Tatiana A. Demeshkina, Liliya T. Leushina
Universum Humanitarium (En). 2, #2. С. 136–141.
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Topic: 3D Technologies in Humanities Research

Three-Dimensional Scanning of Museum Exhibits with the Technology of Structured-Light Illumination
Vladislav V. Kazakov, Vasiliy S. Kovalyov, Kair B. Zhumadilov
Universum Humanitarium (En). 2, #2. С. 56–62.
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Three-Dimensional Visualization of Geometric Microliths Using Macrophotogrammetry
Vladislav V. Kazakov, Vasiliy S. Kovalyov, Kair B. Zhumadilov, Svetlana V. Schneider
Universum Humanitarium (En). 2, #2. С. 63–70.
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L'imagerie 2D et 3D appliquees a l'analyse sémiologique des megalithes
Serge Cassen, Laurent Lescop
Universum Humanitarium (En). 2, #2. С. 71–81.
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