Multi-View 3D Reconstruction for the Research of Buddhist Archaeology

The material was received by the Editorial Board: 2017-6-1
In the study of Buddhist archaeology, researchers need to face some excavation site, unearthed cultural relics and building structures with bigger size and complicated shape. its very difficult to accurate grasp the spatial characteristic information of these cultural heritage by Traditional measurement technology, and also very hard to mapping and surveying. However, Through the ground Photography and the ultra low altitude photography technology of UAV, Multi-view 3D reconstruction technology could been employed to make the 3D models with real texture of Buddhist archaeological excavation site, unearthed figure of Buddha, pagoda - tower building etc. quickly, and then export some digital products such as orthophoto images of different planes, elevations and sections, Provide technical support for the research, protection and display of Buddhist cultural heritage.
The Buddhist temple sites of archaeological excavation and cultural relics protection which often contain relics such as ancient buildings, caves, pagodas, and cliff inscriptions, etc. with high and low ups and downs, the surface is very complex. The method of UAV shooting and ground shooting would been used to obtain multi-view images, and then making the 3D model of cultural heritage, comprehensive recording the spatial information of Buddhist cultural heritage. The movable cultural relics such as the unearthed Buddha statues with protean shapes and variety of colors, A flexible and flexible approach were required to capture multi-view images. 3D models of various cultural heritages have laid a solid foundation for the follow-up organize the excavation report, archaeological research, museum display and so on. The technology with low-cost and easy-to-operate of multi-view 3D reconstruction, Will be employed rapidly, extensive and in-depth in the displayed in cave temple, Buddhist heritage protection and Buddhist archaeological research.

Keywords: Buddhist archaeology, Multi-view 3D Reconstruction, figure of Buddha, UAV.

Multi-View 3D Reconstruction for the Research of Buddhist Archaeology
References: Jianguo Liu, Dexin Cong Multi-View 3D Reconstruction for the Research of Buddhist Archaeology. Universum Humanitarium (En). 3, #1. С. 84–96.